Clear PS Thick Wall Cosmetic Jars

Our clear thick wall cosmetic jars are 1-piece jars with thick walls. More material goes into making these thick wall jars, giving them heft and adding to their elegance.

These jars are made of polystyrene (PS) plastic. PS is light-weight, hard, and has an almost glass-like appearance which is shiny and classy. It has limited flexibility and is more brittle than other plastics.

Essential oils may damage polystyrene, causing products to leak. Products with essential oil content will work better in PET or glass containers.

These thick wall cosmetic jars are typically used for lotion, cream, serum, gel, putty, clay, hair products, skin products, cleanser, and other personal care products.

Covers for clear thick wall cosmetic jars are sold separately to allow you to customize your finished look.

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