White Double Wall Cosmetic Jars

Our white PP/PS double wall cosmetic jars are 2-piece containers: the shell and the liner. It is called “double wall” because the two containers nested inside of each other create two walls, which increase the rigidity of the jar.

The inside is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic, which is light-weight, durable, flexible, and highly resistant to fatigue and heat. It has a high shatter-resistance rating.

The outer piece is made of polystyrene (PS) plastic, which is light-weight and hard. It has limited flexibility and is more brittle than other plastics.

This is a great container for products containing essential oils which have a low ratio of oil to product (around 5% or less).

Our white double wall jars are a great choice for your lotion, cream, serum, gel, putty, clay, hair products, skin products, cleanser, and other personal care products.

Covers for white double wall straight base jars are sold separately to allow you to customize the look of your finished product.

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