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Sodium Lactate

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Sodium Lactate, is the natural sodium salt of lactic acid. It is a multi-use ingredient in skin and hair care products, including; soaps, creams and lotions. It helps to hydrate skin and prevents loss of moisture.

Sodium lactate is a natural substance which helps with exfoliation, can help treat sun-damaged skin, and, reduce the effects of photoaging (also known as "dermatoheliosis".)

Sodium lactate is used as a water-binding and buffering agent [to adjust a product's pH value] in products like bath foam and soap. It may also be added to cooled lye water to speed up unmolding time in cold process soaps, producing harder, longer-lasting bars.  It may be used as a replacement for liquid glycerin as a moisturizer in creams and lotions do reduce tacky/stickyness.

Incorporating sodium lactate in cosmetic formulations can stop bacteria from reproducing as well as reduce loss of moisture during the storage of your products due to it's bacteriostatic, and  humectant properties.

INCI: Sodium Lactate

Usage Information:

  • Use at a rate of 2% - 8%.
  • When using as a hardening agent for soaps, use at a rate of ½ oz. per lb. of fats. 




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